Eco-Driving: How To Save Money & Reduce Pollution

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What is ‘eco-driving’?

Of course, the ‘eco’ prefix could refer to both “economical driving” and “ecologically aware driving”.

We will all, no doubt, be driving electric cars before too long. However, until then, there are many benefits for both the motorist and the planet when drivers opt for eco-driving. These include:

Financial savings

Reduced impact on the environment

Safer driving and fewer accidents

Reduced wear and tear on your vehicle

Reduced taxes

Congestion charge exemption

Photo by Patrik Storm on Unsplash

Eco-driving Practices

Here are a few eco-driving tips which can be implemented quickly and easily.

Buy a manual, fuel-efficient vehicle

Get rid of unnecessary weight

Don’t be idle

Plan your journey and use a satnav

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Use the correct engine oil

Check your tyre pressure

Turn the air conditioning on/off

Deactivate your electrics

Slow down

Finally, adjusting your driving technique can really help to minimise fuel consumption. In fact, one of the most effective things you can do to reduce fuel consumption is to change the way you drive.

Marie is a content writer at Bootcamp Media, a web design and digital marketing agency based in Birmingham, UK.

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